RBA leaves rate unchanged

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Today’s Reserve Bank board meeting has left the cash rate unchanged at 1.5 per cent. While it’s news we have all grown used to, it’s worth noting that this month’s RBA decision comes just one week before the Federal Budget is announced, which is expected to be packed with initiatives to assist first home buyers secure their first home. So, … Read More

Three tips for Sydney first home buyers

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First Home buyers

There’s plenty to think about as a potential first home buyer in Sydney these days. Record low interest rates are obviously good news. A so-called housing ‘bubble’ that’s allegedly pricing new home owners out of the market, not so much (not that we necessarily agree with these claims, but that’s another story). Competitive lender conditions, good news again. Currently, first … Read More

Ten Common Mistakes First Home Buyers in NSW Must Avoid

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For first home buyers in NSW, real estate can seem like a very tricky business indeed. Taking that first step onto the real estate ladder can be particularly daunting, there is so much to think about and for most people it’s very overwhelming. Doing research and learning from other people’s mistakes is a great way to avoid the common problems … Read More

How To Apply For The First Home Owner Grant NSW

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The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG New Homes) has been increased to $15,000 from October 1st, 2012 for potential first home buyers who wish to purchase or build a new home (this grant IS NOT available to people purchasing an established property). It is important to note that the previous FHOG scheme, which offered $7,000 assistance to people wishing to … Read More

Update alert: The first home owners grant

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Change eventually comes to all good things in life… and right now, the first home owners grant is at the receiving end. Just when you thought you had your post-EOFY numbers crunched, the government has gone and issued a raft of updates to the FHOG — starting with its very name! Here’s everything you need to know about the changes … Read More

Important info for first home owners NSW

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The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) is currently worth $7,000 to all first home buyers in NSW. However, this will change in just a few weeks (on October 1 this year), when first home buyers purchasing existing properties will no longer be entitled to the grant, while purchasers of new homes will get an increased grant of $15,000. If you are … Read More