Update on Interest Rates – Why are they going up?

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Interest Rates

So what’s been happening with interest rates? In the last year banks have moved towards two different standard variable rates which they base all of their consumer interest rates off (one for owner occupiers and a higher one for investors). This has been in response to pressures from APRA (banks’ regulator) to have the banks slow down investment lending (which … Read More

Why self-managed super (SMSF) is about more than retirement

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Think of superannuation and most of us will either get glassy-eyed and drift off, or immediately perk up and perhaps drool a little at the thought of retirement… But your super should be much more than the money that follows your worklife around, creating a much-ignored paper trail. And self-managed superannuation funds are often the best ticket to future financial … Read More

What low home loan interest rates mean for your future

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Regardless of what the RBA decides at its monthly meeting, what lenders do to home loan interest rates, and what the economy looks likely to do both domestically and globally, your own mortgage future largely depends on… well, you. Pundits will always weigh in on what’s going to happen next: House prices, housing affordability, cash rates, bank lending policies, the … Read More

Rates remain unchanged… (by the RBA)

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At today’s board meeting, the Reserve Bank of Australia left the cash rate unchanged at 1.5 per cent. The banks, however, are another matter. The RBA cash rate has been relatively steady at an historical low for quite some time now. But if you have a mortgage, chances are your lender has increased your interest rate despite the steadiness of the … Read More

Life after childcare: it does exist

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Many parents of young children reading this post will have just paid their final childcare bill for the year, which probably makes the cost of Christmas feel like a drop in the financial ocean… The cost of early childcare for under five-year-olds in Australia is certainly crippling, but it’s worth knowing that the change that comes with starting ‘big school’ … Read More