Buying Property

If you are a looking to buy property you have come to the right place. Whether you are an investor or first home buyer we will walk you through the buying process, ensuring you are well informed and comfortable with all your purchase and finance decisions.

Full House Finances are passionate about property investment and we actively invest ourselves. Property investment is at the core of our business, allowing our clients to sustainably build wealth over the long term. Many of our clients start as first home buyers and evolve into investors with our advice, education and support.

As a property investor client of Full House Finances you will:

  • Have access to off-market property opportunities through Full House Finances’ VIP access to developers.
  • Be able to utilise the expertise of a team of property professionals that Full House Finances deals with to project manage client transactions.
  • Get assistance with developing your investment goals and putting these into practice.
  • Receive honest advice and feedback on what property would best suit your circumstances and goals.
  • Get free property reports to help with due diligence when looking at properties.
  • Be set up with the most appropriate financing structure to allow for future lending, tax effectiveness and goal realisation.
  • Have access to property investment analysis reporting to demonstrate the holding costs of a particular property based on your personal position.

So, if you are a property investor work with Full House Finances to start building your wealth today for a more secure tomorrow.

Also check out our Property Investor E-Course for more information.


Buying your first home can be a daunting task. That’s where Full House Finances can help with giving you the extra attention you need to be able to make a well informed property purchase and be comfortable with the purchase process.

We will:

  • Take the time to fully assess what is achievable for you so you won’t over commit.
  • Walk you through the whole purchase and finance process so you know what to expect.
  • Support you throughout the whole process when you find a property to buy so the whole transaction goes smoothly.
  • Provide free property reports to help with assessing properties that you are looking at.
  • Be on call to give advice on how to make offers and negotiate with agents.

If you are a first home buyer work with Full House Finances to experience a purchase process that is as stress free as possible.

Also check out our First Home Buyer E-Course for more information.

Ian Miller of Full House Finances is an MFAA Approved Credit Adviser for SMSF Lending. This is a crucial qualification for any professional offering SMSF lending advice as without this you have no standard to be measured against. So if you want to deal with someone in the know you need to talk to us, especially when your retirement funds are at stake.

Full House Finances goes above and beyond with SMSF clients by:

  • Explaining the whole purchase and finance process for investing in property through your SMSF and how it is different to a purchase outside of super.
  • Helping clients to establish all of the necessary entities (companies and trusts) so they are ready for a property purchase and borrowing through the SMSF. This avoids the No.1 problem that people have when trying to buy property through their SMSFs of trying to use entities that have been incorrectly set-up for them.*
  • Assessing a prospective property purchase for its suitability for your SMSF and determining if finance is available.
  • Ensuring the most suitable finance options are available to you.
  • Project managing your entire SMSF purchase by co-ordinating all necessary parties (solicitors, accountants, planners, lender).

* There are still some restrictions in place in regards to structuring SMSF lending transactions. For example, specific entities need to be established in order to facilitate the borrowing/ownership of the assets.  Plus there are complex issues involved in relation to stamp duty and capital gains tax and the loan products available. So it is important to obtain expert financial, legal and accounting advice before proceeding.


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