Why self-managed super (SMSF) is about more than retirement

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Think of superannuation and most of us will either get glassy-eyed and drift off, or immediately perk up and perhaps drool a little at the thought of retirement…

But your super should be much more than the money that follows your worklife around, creating a much-ignored paper trail. And self-managed superannuation funds are often the best ticket to future financial freedom out there. Are you awake yet?

Self-managed doesn’t mean DIY

If you think you need to be an accountant or financial expert to have a SMSF, think again. The ‘self’ part of SMSF doesn’t mean you should be doing it yourself at all. In fact, even the experts agree it’s too complicated and important to manage on your own.

While everybody’s situation is different, the most compelling reason for having a SMSF over industry super is flexibility: Self-managing your super gives you total control over where and how you invest your benefits.

For example, you can transfer personal assets to your SMSF instead of just cash balances; you can take advantage of limited recourse borrowing arrangements and directly invest in property; you can manage the superannuation for up to four members, and you can incur significantly lower fees than industry funds.

The area that we are most interested in with SMSFs is where you can invest in property through them. We are proud to have helped many wannabe-retirees to navigate through the maze of getting finance and buying property through a SMSF. Call us today to talk about whether we can help you.



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