Update on Interest Rates – Why are they going up?

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Interest Rates

So what’s been happening with interest rates? In the last year banks have moved towards two different standard variable rates which they base all of their consumer interest rates off (one for owner occupiers and a higher one for investors). This has been in response to pressures from APRA (banks’ regulator) to have the banks slow down investment lending (which … Read More

Interest rates at a record low

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The election is coming up… and interest rates are going down. In their monthly meeting today, the Reserve Bank of Australia made the decision to bring the interest rate down to an all-time low of 2.5%. This move has been widely predicted in recent weeks and comes as welcome news to all mortgage holders, particularly in the lead-up to a … Read More

Choosing the best home loan when rates are low

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Purchasing a home is an exciting and terrifying experience. And, just because interest rates are at an all-time low, it doesn’t mean it will be any less terrifying negotiating the fine print of many lenders. In fact, there can be some extra tricks to keep in mind in this market. Low interest rates are great news for mortgage holders. But they’re … Read More