Why putting family first can be a bad financial plan

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Do you have children trying to get into the property market? Are your children wondering if it will ever be possible to buy a property? Outgoing Reserve Bank governor Glenn Stevens stated last month that the only way for young people to get onto the property ladder in Australia’s most heated market (that’s Sydney, by the way) is with the … Read More

It’s what we do…

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Some people are visual learners… and the web is a visual playground! So we made a short video explaining what we do at Full House Finances. Take a look to see how you can Buy, Invest, Grow and Protect your assets. Whether you’re a first home buyer or seasoned investor in the Australian property market, we can help you. Check … Read More

Why and how to protect your investments

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It’s not every day you think about being injured, becoming ill, or dying… and rightly so! But it is something you have to think about if you have property, investments, or family to protect. Any consideration of investment options should include robust protection of your assets, including property, life and income protection insurance. Whether you’re a first home-buyer or a … Read More

Three great financial management tools

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In this day and age, earners and investors are no longer passive consumers, they are active participants in the management of their lives, and the same goes for their finances. You may not notice it anymore but every day you’re making small decisions about your finances using information gathered from a number of sources. It’s become commonplace to receive a … Read More

Why it pays to be strategic in your investments

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In the rush of daily life it can be tough to see your way past the next set of bills, school fees, or grocery receipts but looking at the ‘big picture’ is just as important as dealing with your immediate financial situation. Especially your investments. Strategic financial management takes a long-term view of your investment portfolio and overall financial health. … Read More

What the budget means for you

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If you’ve been living under a rock, you may not know a controversial Federal Budget was handed down last night. Here’s the low-down on who’s affected and how much it’s going to hurt (or not). Let’s look at the highlights — INCOME TAX Temporary ‘Budget Repair Levy’ imposes 2% on taxable income over $180,000 per annum. Fringe Benefits Tax to … Read More

How To Compare Income Protection Insurance Quotes

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It can be difficult to accurately compare income protection insurance, there are a number of variables pertaining to each individual’s situation that mean no two quotes and policies are exactly alike. Income protection insurance will cover a portion of your salary if you are temporarily unable to work due to sickness or injury but factors like the definition of disability, … Read More