It’s what we do…

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Some people are visual learners… and the web is a visual playground! So we made a short video explaining what we do at Full House Finances. Take a look to see how you can Buy, Invest, Grow and Protect your assets. Whether you’re a first home buyer or seasoned investor in the Australian property market, we can help you. Check … Read More

The home loan process explained

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The home loan process can be a confusing thing to navigate, especially for first home buyers. Your home loan specialist can walk you through the steps involved and make sure you know what to expect. But here’s an infographic that lays out exactly how the process works, and who should be involved along the way. For more information on what you … Read More

Three great financial management tools

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In this day and age, earners and investors are no longer passive consumers, they are active participants in the management of their lives, and the same goes for their finances. You may not notice it anymore but every day you’re making small decisions about your finances using information gathered from a number of sources. It’s become commonplace to receive a … Read More

Is bigger really best when it comes to home loans?

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It’s probably no surprise to you that an increasing number of people are choosing small, local funding instead of big banks. You could be one of these people… but if not, and you’re curious about why so many people are jumping away from the big four, here’s why smaller banks and mortgage lenders are stealing market share. These smaller lenders … Read More

How to find the right mortgage… for you

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A mortgage is a mortgage is a mortgage, right? Well, unfortunately, no. There’s more to finding the right mortgage than finding the cheapest rates. Most banks and lenders have a suite of mortgages — and choosing the one that’s right for you comes down to a couple of factors. What are you borrowing for? Are you a first-time home-owner? Are you … Read More

Choosing the best home loan when rates are low

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Purchasing a home is an exciting and terrifying experience. And, just because interest rates are at an all-time low, it doesn’t mean it will be any less terrifying negotiating the fine print of many lenders. In fact, there can be some extra tricks to keep in mind in this market. Low interest rates are great news for mortgage holders. But they’re … Read More

Five common features of the best home loans

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On the surface, the best home loans are the ones that will cost the least amount of money. This makes sense, right? But in reality, everybody’s situation is different, and so is every home loan. If you look past the simple dollar figure, there are other features to consider, and these are just five that will help you decide which … Read More

How To Find A Property In Sydney That Fits Your Budget

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It’s a common question, how do I find a Sydney property that fits my budget? Here at Full House Finances we understand your conundrum. You have been looking at all the real estate websites… fantasising about your dream home… inspecting property after property… you find THE one and you start deciding where to put your furniture… and then it happens … Read More