A lesson on leverage from your property investment advisor. Make your money go further!

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Knowing a little about ‘leverage’ can help investors firm up a successful property investment strategy that grows your capital and creates lifestyle-fuelling wealth. Leverage essentially refers to the way you can make your money work harder than the sum of its parts. In property, leverage is particularly important because it usually involves a much higher asset base appreciating in value, … Read More

It’s what we do…

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Some people are visual learners… and the web is a visual playground! So we made a short video explaining what we do at Full House Finances. Take a look to see how you can Buy, Invest, Grow and Protect your assets. Whether you’re a first home buyer or seasoned investor in the Australian property market, we can help you. Check … Read More

Investment options to avoid being the meat in your family sandwich

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Are you a member of one of the fastest growing demographic groups: the Sandwich Generation? Turns out you’re not alone. And the sandwich is growing! According to mcrindle.com, three main demographic groups are affected by this issue: Traditional Sandwich Usually 30s-40s  Caring for/helping ageing parents and raising their own children Club Sandwich Usually 50s-60s Those sandwiched between the needs of elderly … Read More

Why and how to protect your investments

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It’s not every day you think about being injured, becoming ill, or dying… and rightly so! But it is something you have to think about if you have property, investments, or family to protect. Any consideration of investment options should include robust protection of your assets, including property, life and income protection insurance. Whether you’re a first home-buyer or a … Read More

Reconsidering your investment options after a split

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It’s the event that nobody plans for, but almost one-third of Australians end up facing in their life: divorce. While the personal and emotional toll is undoubtable during a separation, an equally difficult hurdle can be managing (and indeed, restoring) your finances and reconsidering your investment optoins after moving on. Whether you are separating from a marriage or a defacto relationship, … Read More

Tips for financing big-ticket items

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Gone are the good old days of ‘lay-by’ (remember that?), and the ‘olden days’ of buying something you couldn’t afford. It was the original form of delayed gratification and budgeting for things we wanted. So how do you fund those big purchases in the modern day?  Lets take a look at a few ways: You could set up a budget and … Read More

No need to panic about SMSF property changes

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Recent changes to property investment rules for self-managed superannuation funds are no cause for panic, with some trusted advice still ringing true for SMSF managers. Industry groups and financial experts have spent the past few months speculating on whether the financial system inquiry, headed by former CBA chief David Murray, will result in the federal government banning SMSFs from borrowing … Read More

Superannuation and the sandwich generation

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Baby boomers are the first generation in history to face a new ‘third age’, with the expectation of 10-20 years of healthy life after retirement. And while this is great news for the many boomers who are actively planning for longer retirement years, many are also part of the ‘sandwich generation’ who have elderly parents without super and adult children … Read More