Hot property investment tip: Get out of town!

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Property investment in Sydney has been in a state of seemingly endless boom for a while now, but it’s finally time to look elsewhere.

It makes sense that when property values increase at a significant rate (like we’ve seen in Sydney over the past few years), it’s a good idea to access your home equity and use it to build wealth elsewhere.

This rule is even more apparent when it relates to Sydney and Melbourne’s property landscape, where prices have almost doubled in some suburbs in the last decade.

According to figures from RP Data and the RBA, an average Sydney house cost around $550,000 back in 2006; in 2016 it would be valued at around $990,000.Tapping into this extra $400,000 equity could help you purchase an investment property elsewhere and allow you to build wealth. By doing this you will be putting your equity to work to build your wealth through the power of leverage.

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